Tuesday, 1 December 2020

November Rolling Racing start to 20-21 league

 Cycling finds a way to keep rolling.


CChackney and Young Hackney have found a way to keep cycling going on in schools over this winter. The Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League now in its 12th year usually has schools from around the borough competing in all the various forms of cycling in Hackney’s parks and over at LVV. This winter that was never going to happen for obvious reasons but a great solution was arrived at thanks to the CCH roller racing equipment. This is now being dropped off at schools daily - they race on the rigs against the clock for set distances and send in the times for the league. Cleaning the equipment between riders and thoroughly before passing on will ensure the activity is safe as well as distanced. At the end of the day the equipment is taken to the next nearest school. We’ll be doing this through to April after which hopefully we’ll be able to ride together again in the parks. 
A record number of schools wanted to take part and with two of the 15 taking part being special needs schools the league has become more inclusive than ever. Whilst the schools have the equipment they can race as many of their pupils as they like then choose the team to submit. It has proven very popular with all the children and their schools as at the moment it is about the only competitive sport activity they can take part in.


For November the riders have had to race a 250m standing start race. Equivalent to one lap of the velodrome this is a full on effort from start to finish with some very impressive times being recorded so far. A couple of the schools couldn't complete the November round so they will be doubling up in December so until then the results are provisional and points will be awarded once all the November round results have been handed in. 

Updated provisional year 5  boys results

Updated provisional year 5  girls results


Next month the races will be for 500m so endurance rather than raw speed comes into play.

Updated provisional year 6  girls results

Updated provisional year 5  boys results
To be updated.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

YHPSCL to go ahead for 2020-21


Some of the Millfields team with the Shield having been awarded last season's league in July.


Firstly I hope everyone is well and staying healthy during these difficult times. Following British Cycling and Government guidelines we are aiming to run the Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League this season. In agreement with Young Hackney our plan is to make all events run against the clock rather than mass start races. So like the traditional season starter - the Hill Climb - all events will be time trial events with riders setting off individually. We can keep teams in their own bubbles this way and protect those racing. For the indoor events on the rollers it may be we bring the rollers to each school in turn over a one or two week period to ensure indoors we keep safe as well. If things improve then later on in the season we could see group races again so we will remain fluid and optimistic. 

Under the current rule of six organised sport is still allowed so we'll proceed cautiously.It is I think very important that sport continues to be part of the children's lives and education so I hope you will agree and get in touch to say so. We have meeting set up soon and hopefully will be speaking with you all after which we wlll firm up the planned league.

Congratulations to Millfields Cycling Team for winning last seasons league - they were awarded it after the last three events were cancelled due to Covid, it looked unlikely their point advantage would have been brought close enough for the next team to challenge so the final league standings for 2019-20 are as follows - 

Final league standings for 2019-20 after six events.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

YHPSCL in action at the LVV circuit in the Olympic park.
Friday 13th Match 2020 -

Years four and five had a great afternoon out over at the Lea Valley Velopark last Friday taking part in the Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League. The day was about circuit racing with the first half all about learning to corner and use gears correctly. The coaches must have got the training part right as I didn't see anyone get off and have to push their bike up the hill next to the velodrome during the races.

After the training the riders had to race 3 laps of the Abercrombie loop in the year 4s and three and half laps for the year 5s. 

 In the year 4 girls Grazebrook School had the first winner of the day with Margot leading the rest by some distance - Catrin and Rosa from Millfields finished 2nd and 3rd.

Year 4 girls winner - Margot
Year four girls results.

In the year 4 boys Victor lived up to his name with Millfield teammate Louis coming second and Dijle from Jubilee third.
Year 4 boys results

Year 4 boys start
The year 5 girls was a close affair in the end Honour won out for Millfields with Maya of Jubilee second and Pearl also Millfields third.
Year 5 girls results

Year 5  boys start
 The final race of the day - and who knows maybe the final race of this season due to the health crises - was the year 5 boys. Arthur , Finnbar and Sam all Millfields were having their own private battle at the front. Maybe they took the battle bit a touch too literally as Arthur and Finnbar came together on the last time up the hill. Both went down but Arthur was soon back on his bike to still take the win - unfortunately for Finnbar he chain had come off meaning Sam came through for 2nd with William from Jubilee coming third - Finnbar still managed to come back in sixth place.
Year 5 boys results

Year 4 girls podium

Year 4 boys podium

Year 5 girls podium

Year 5 boys podium

League standings after round six.
This leaves the league as above and with the school shut down announced it might be that will be the final placings for the 2019-2020 season. Hopefully we will all stay healthy and be back out on our bikes soon. 
Thanks for all the lovely photographs you've sent in .

Monday, 24 February 2020

Valentines day MTB

Practise lap

Valentines day 2020 and hackney downs was the setting for the mountain bike round of this years Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League. On what seems like the only day so far this year without the wind and rain conditions were perfect - what's not to love?

The riders split into groups and spent an hour training together in order to gain better technical skills needed in MTB racing. The areas they focused on were the ready position - this helps focus the mind as wells prepare the rider for any upcoming obstacle. Race starts - always important to get off to a good clean start. Cone of movement - this is the amount of movement the rider can use on their bike ie leaning sideways /forwards backwards in order to get better traction past an obstacle - this carries onto the next skill set - Ascending and Descending - and most importantly which gears to use when go up or down a slope. The riders finished off practising Cornering. All of these techniques are of course transferable to everyday riding and something the riders can practise at any time.

Start of the year 4 girls race
Practise over it was time to race - first off were the year four girls. Catrin led Esther and Rosa to clean sweep of the podium for Millfields followed closely by Isobel from Jubilee and Melissa from Kingsmead making up the top five. Bonus points were awarded to Catrin, Chara and Sidem for good use of the techniques they practised before hand.

Y4 girls

Year 4 boys
Next to race were the year four boys -  Dijle from Jubilee came first followed by Victor from Millfields then Aaron from Jubilee finished third. Alonso from Mandeville was awarded a bonus point.

Year5 girls start
The year  five girls raced followed - Maya form Jubilee was first followed by Pia from Millfields then Magda from Jubilee rounded out the top three. Magda also gained bonus point as did Gaia from Kingsmead for good technique use.

Year 5 boys start

The final race was the year five boys - Arthur from Millfields led his team to a clean sweep of the podium with Max edging out Finnbar for a close fought second place. Milo and Rudy from Jubilee and Reagan from Mandeville all gained bonus points.
NameSchoolM/FYeary4 girlsy4 boysy5girlsy5boysbonuspoints

NameSchoolM/FYeary4 girlsy4 boysy5girlsy5boysbonuspoints
NameSchoolM/FYeary4 girlsy4 boysy5girlsy5boysbonuspoints
NameSchoolM/FYeary4 girlsy4 boysy5girlsy5boysbonuspoints

YHPSCL 2019-20
Current League standingSchoolHILL CLIMB 11-10cross Hackney Downs 8-11roller  race 13-12roller race 10-1MTB    14-2LVV circuit 1     13-3 LVV circuit 2     15-5 Grass Track 12-6Grass track 10-7Total