Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Cyclocross at the Downs


Year 5 girls race start
 Friday didn't start off too promising as the sky grew increasingly heavy whilst we were setting up the course and as the riders began to turn up the heavens opened up to make the Hackney Downs course nice and slippy for them. Fortunately by the time we were ready to race to the sun came out - not exactly drying the course up but at least shining a light all the way round it.

Sixty riders from six schools were competing and the year 5 girls started off the racing with 4 laps of a technical course with many twists and turns, off cambers and a set of hurdles to get over.

Year 5 girls
 Lilah from Millfields led from the start with the trio of Jubilee girls barttling it our behind her, Grace eventually finishing 2nd with Charlie in third.
Year 5 girls results
 The year 5 boys were next up -
Year 5 boys line up

 - and number 19 seemed to be the lucky number of the day as again it was the winners number. This time it was worn by Harris from Millfields who pulled away from the bunch on lap 2 and had enough time to crash then get back up and win. Logan from Millfields pipped Brandon from jubilee for the other podium spots.

Year 5 boys
Year 5 boys
Year 5 boys results
The year 6 girls were given 5 laps to do amid a bit of grumbling about the distance with the top eight finishers completing all five in under 15 minutes and the rest doing four laps it was a good workout for them.
year 6 girls start
Ishanna won comfortably from her Jubilee team mate Lena with Kingsmead's Lolo coming third.

Year 6 girls results

 In the year 6 boys - again doing five laps - it was a dominant display by the Millfields team looking a bit like the Belgians at the world champs. Swapping places Nikolas and Jimme battled out with Nikolas eventually taking the win and Joseph coming third. Mohammed from Olive really caught the eye with a well executed bike change - he looked very pro.

year 6 boys start
Year 6 boys results
So the league has a familiar look to the top two places after round two with mandeville occupying third spot and Parkwood and Kingsmead on the same points in fourth.
League after round 2

Thursday, 18 October 2018

2018-19 season gets underway with the Springfield Hill Climb


 A very windy scene up the hill at Springfield park

The start of the YHPSCL 10th season coincided with the start of another season - autumn. It was a very windy but sunny day up at Springfield Park for the traditional Hill Climb opener, with 79 riders from eight schools taking part. The stormy conditions meant we weren't likely to see any records being broken although the wind seemed to push some riders over the finish line.
The year 4 riders started the event with many having recourse to jumping off and running up the steepest section. Millfields duo Pearl and Pia took first and second with Maya from Jubilee third. Special mention goes to Moniqua from Mandeville for riding up the hill on a single speed bike.

Year 4 girls results

 In the year 4 boys William from Jubilee became the first rider to under 40 seconds to take first place. Sam and Max from Millfields just missed out by hundredths of a second to take second and third.
Again special mention to Alfie from Mandeville for tackling the hill on a single speed - although some Hill Climb purists would claim it's the only way to do it.
Special mention also goes out to Olive Primary School who brought along a small team - I'm sure their numbers will grow.
Year 4 boys results

 Next up were the year 5 riders and in the girls Charlie from Jubilee took top spot closely followed by Lilah  from Millfields - both posting sub 40 second times. Poppy of Jubilee claimed third spot.

In the boys Kayon from Mandeville stormed up almost breaking 30 seconds to take top spot. One hundredth of a second separated second and third placed riders - Bruno from Jubilee and Harris from Millfields. I think we are in for a year of very close competitions.
Year 5 girls results

Year 5 boys results

 The year six riders finished off the afternoon. Julia from Southwold rode a great ride to finish first on 32 seconds pipping Lena and Ishanna from Jubilee by 1 and 2 seconds respectively.

In the boys two riders dropped below the 30 second mark - Jimme of Millfields  finished in 28 seconds just half a second ahead of Hector from Southwold. A couple of seconds behind was Demi from Mandeville to claim third spot - no mean feat as he was riding a heavy mountain bike - see here for the top hill climbers use 
- I bet they couldn't do it a mountain bike.
Year 6 girls results

Year 6 boys results

That leaves the league table looking like this after round 1. See you at Hackney Downs on the 8th of November for the next event - Cyclocross.
2018-19 League table after round 1

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

League Finale for 17-18


This year's Young Hackney primary School Cycling League reached it's conclusion last friday with a Grass track event at Hackney Downs. I can't remember a hotter drier day on the Downs for grass track - super fast if a bit bumpy for riding on. 

 Six schools were in attendance - would Jubilee catch Millfields in the overall? Would Mandeville beat Gayhurst and finish 4th in the league? Could Grazebrook catch Shacklewell? Lots to play for and little time to fit 16 races into.

The year 4 heats were first - two heats each for the girls and boys. In the girls <erle from Gayhurst won heat 1 from Charlie of Jubilee whilst in heat 2Margo from Gayhurst came 1st from Agynes of Jubilee to set up an all Gayhurst/Jubilee final. Merle took the honours followed by Charlie then Margo.

Year 4 girls results

In the year 4 boys Albert of Gayhurst won in front of Jenai from Mandeville. Heat 2 saw Elliot from Millfields win out over Zooy from Gayhurst. In the final Elliot claimed the win followed by Albert then Zooy.

Year 4 boys results 

The year 5 heats were next and in the girls heat 1 Lena of Jubilee came first followed by Winnie from Gayhurst. In heat 2 Ishanna from Jubilee was first and Sophie of Shacklewell was 2nd. In their final Ishanna prevailed over Sophie followed by Lena then Winnie.

Year 5 girls results

The year 5 boys were next and in heat 1 Jimmeof Millfields was first followed by Arlo of Gayhurst. In heat 2 Nikolas of Millfields was first followed by Zain from Gayhurst.

Year 5 boys results 
The year 5 boys final was a 1-2 for Millfields with Jimme pipping Nikolas followed by Zain then Arlo.

Next was the turn of the year 6 girls - in heat 1 Ashleigh from Millfields prevailed over Mabel of Jubilee whilst in heat 2 Hannah of Jubilee beat Taejah into 2nd place. In the final Ashleigh came 1st followed by Hannah then mabel then Taejah.

Year 6 girls results

The year 6 boys were eagerly anticipated - heat 1 sw Yuri from Jubilee finish 1st over Joshua from Mandeville. heat 2 saw Kaspar from Millfields win with Joseph riding up for Grazebrook coming 2nd. In the final Yuri won it followed by kaspar then Joshua and Joseph.

Year 6 boys results

So what did all this mean points wise? It was very close - Millfields scored 149 points, Jubilee 148, Gayhurst 138, Mandeville -87, Shacklewell - 67 and Grazebrook -39.

Millfields were champions once again a narrow 33 points difference over Jubilee being the final score. Gayhurst finished 3rd on 572 whilst Kingsmead were in 4th only 4 points above Mandeville in 5th. Full table below.

Final league standings 2017-18

 Well done to all the riders who rode over the season and thanks to all your helpers and schools for getting you to the races and ready to ride. thanks to russel from British Cycling for all his support and all the staff from Young Hackney for their hard work. Looking forward already to next season - see you in October.