Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Circuit Racing at Lea Valley Velopark - part 2


The year 5 boys line up to start.

The second visit to the Lea Valley Velopark in seven days for the YHPSCL and the rain held off again although it was pretty cold and windy as per usual. Six schools came along and fifty seven riders from years 4 and 5 gave it their best shot.

2nd place Logan with winner Harris during the year 5 boys race.
The year fives went first this time seeing as how they'd been here just last week the year 4's could watch them and learn. They could certainly learn from the Millfields boys as once agin they worked well together to distance the rest and take a 123.
Year 5 boys results.
The year 5 girls start their race.

Next up were the year 5 girls and once again Charlie from Jubilee distanced the rest of the riders by some way to take the win followed by team mate Poppy then Lena from Millfields.
Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls action.

Year 5 girls results
Charlie winning the year 5 girls race.

year 4 boys ready to go

So now it was time for the year 4 boys to show their speed over three laps of the circuit. It started off a pretty close race with ten riders in contention after lap 1 - after lap 2 we had a leading five and Max from Gayhurst began to stretch them out and took the win followed by Roscoe from Millfields and William from Jubilee.
Year 4 boys action.

Year 4 boys action.

Year 4 boys action.

Year 4 boys action.
Year 4 boys results

Max winning the year 4 boys race
 Finally we had the year 4 girls and Pia from Millfields went off like a bullet with a pairing from Jubilee trying to chase her down. In the end Pia held out followed over the line by Maya and Magda for second and third.
Pia winning the year 4 girls race
Year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys podium

Year 5 girls podium

Year 4 boys podium

Year 4 girls podium
The league standings after six rounds show Millfields in first with  a commanding lead over Jubilee. then we have Parkwood, Kingsmead Mandeville and Gayhurst all pretty close together - with three rounds left any one of them can claim the third spot.

League standings after round 6

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Circuit Racing at Lea Valley Velopark

Year 5 girls line up for their race
Rescheduled from before half term the first circuit race of this season took place on a much less windy day than it was meant to have thankfully. Seventy five riders from seven schools attended.
First to race were the year 5 girls - all the races were for four laps of the circuit minus the ox-bow loop. Charlie from Jubilee sped off on lap 1 and never looked in trouble for the victory. Much closer was the race for second with Lilah from Millfields prevailing over Poppy from Jubilee.

Year 5 girls results
 The year five boys raced next with the trio from Millfields using proper teamwork to get one another around - eventually though Harris had push on as Brandon from Jubilee looked set to spoil their party. Harris took the win comfortably with Brandon following then Elliot from Millfields in third.

Year 5 boys ready to race
Year 5 boys results
The year six girls race was closely fought barring the first place with Ishanna of Jubilee speeding off early to stay in front and take the win. Her team mate Lena won the sprint for second with Sophie from Kingsmead coming third.

Year 6 girls gridded
Year 6 girls results
 Last up were the year 6 boys which looked close in the first two laps then Jimme from Millfields started to pull away from his two teammates and the Gayhurst duo. Jimme took the win followed by teammate Joseph in 2nd then Arlo from Gayhurst in 3rd.

Year 6 boys away to start
Year 6 boys results

Charlie winning the year 5 girls race
 Jubilee won the round followed by Millfields then Gayhurst with the league standings getting tighter in the middle they look like this -
League standings after round 5.
We are back at the Lea Valley Velopark for the year 4/5 circuit race this Friday coming - see you there.

Friday, 8 February 2019

High Winds cancel race

8/2/19 Todays race at the lea valley Velopark circuit has been cancelled due to high winds - we'll reschedule this event as soon as we can.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Into the New Year at High Speed

Ever wondered how to do a wheelie? - try roller racing first...
The YHPSCL roller raced right into the new year over at the Forest Youth Centre. This event was for the years 5 and 6 riders and was split into two sessions with the morning one being more relaxed as most of the schools seemed to prefer the afternoon. all in we had 85 competitors from eight schools taking part over a 500m timed race.

Morning session getting underway
The equivalent of two laps of the velodrome may seem like a short race but at full gas the effort is intense as the riders would all testify.
The afternoon session briefing
The year 5 girls race was very close with only 8 seconds separating the top ten. In third place was May from parkwood in 36seconds ahead of her  the Jubilee duo of Poppy and Charlie took first and second at 33 then 34 seconds - very fast times indeed.

Some the girls waiting to start their race
Year 5 girls results

Roller racing is the only cycle race where riders are encouraged to keep their head
down and go for it - although some find flailing their head from side to side works best.
 In the year 5 boys less than ten seconds seperated the top fifteen riders. Theo from Kingsmead took top spot on 32 seconds, followed by Kuba from Jubilee on 34 seconds. Logan from Millfields and Albert from Gayhurst both tied for third on 36 seconds.
Afternoon boys race
Year 5 boys results
more morning action
The year six girls had the biggest amount of racers with the top 20 riders being separated by only 10 seconds. The three Kingsmead girls all finish on 35 seconds with Lolo coming top for her team in third place. Second and first were only a couple of tenths of a second apart as Ella from Parkwood edged out Ishanna from Jubilee. Full results below.
Concentration before racing
Year 6 girls results

In the year 6 boys event the top fifteen riders were only ten seconds apart with the fastest time of the day being posted by the winner Jimme of Millfields at 30 seconds. he was closely followed by his team mate Joseph on 31 seconds then Daniel form Kingsmead on 33secs.

Year 6 boys results

All this meant that Kingsmead won this round followed by Millfields then Jubilee with the league table looking like this - 
League standings after round 4

Riders watching the projected race clock.