Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Grass track 2 - Jubilee win round but Millfields edge closer to retaining title.

Millfields riders pinning each others numbers on.

8/6/18 - The second grass track of the 2017/18 YHPSCL season took place at Hackney Downs with the standings close at the top of the league who would come out tops in this year 5/6 meeting?

Young Hackney's expert sign on team

 The riders undertook heats in the form of a scratch race with the top two going through to the finals.

Action from one of the year 5 girls heats
 This meant four heats each for the boys and girls in each year group with the finals would mean a total of 20 races to get through in two hours.

Riders had to pay attention to which heat they were in ages themselves up and ready in advance.

As usual with grass track there were a few who forgot to pedal and came down - luckily no injuries sustained and in general the riding on display was very good.

 Although only the top two riders progressed to the finals all riders in the heats scored points for their team so all positions were worth fighting for.

 With the heats done and the riders positions settled it was time for first final - the year 5 girls. The finals took on different format - the elimination race.
Year 5 girls final
 Ishanna from Jubilee took the win ahead of Sophie from Kingsmead and Lena also of Jubilee.

Year 5 girls results

Year 5 boys final
 The year 5 boys was also a close race with the duo of Jimme and Nikolas edging out Arlo from Gayhurst at the end.
Year 5 boys results
Year 5 boys final winner - jimme

year 6 girls final

year 6 girls final

year 6 girls final

year 6 girls final

year 6 girls final
 the year 6 girls final was won by Ashleigh of Millfields from Mabel and Hannah both Jubilee.
Year 6 girls results
year 6 girls final

year 6 boys final
The year 6 boys final was won by Yuri from Jubilee ahead of Joshua from Mandeville and Kaspar from Millfields.

Year 6 boys results

The league standings with only one round left now looks like below - Jubilee win the round but Millfields edge closer to retaining title with 32 points ahead of their closest rivals. Well done Mandeville for coming third in this round. So the title is still up for grabs on the 6th of July - see you then.

League standings with 1 round to go.
 Thanks to Delphina for the lovely photos.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Grass Track is back and its huge

The sun was shining, the grass was cut, the crowds were out, people were smiling and laughing in the park - no it wasn't another royal wedding it was the first grass track of this year's YHPSCL. One hundred and two riders representing ten different schools got to grips with the CCH track bikes at Hackney Downs - many for their first time on a fixed wheel bike.

To make sure the riders understood what riding a track bike entails there were practise sessions before the racing began - main point to remember - don't stop pedalling!

 With the large turn out the program became a sprint orientated afternoon with riders taking part in Keirin heats of six or seven riders. The winners of each heat then would advance to a match sprint final.

The year 4 boys and girls had there heats first - the races were for three laps with Kai leading them round as the derny for the first lap and a half.

Year4 girls heat 1 results

Year4 girls heat 2 results

Year4 girls heat 3 results

Year4 girls heat 4 results

Year4 boys heat 1 results
Year4 boys heat 2 results
Year4 boys heat 3 results
Year4 boys heat 4 results
Year4 boys heat 5 results

Year5 girls heat 1 results
Year5 girls heat 2 results
Year5 girls heat 3 results
Year5 girls heat 4 results

Year5 boys heat 1 results

Year5 boys heat 2 results

Year5 boys heat 3 results

Year5 boys heat 4 results

With the heats all finished it was time for the finals-  in the year 4 girls a trio of Jubilee girls had mad it through but it was Tyasia from Kingsmead who prevailed in a close racefor the win- 

Year 4 girls final
In the year 4 boys final logan from Millfields took a narrow win over his teammate Elliot -
Year 4 boys final

The year 5 girls final was next and again Jubilee were well represented this time getting the win through Ishanna.
year 5 girls final
The last race of the day was the year 5 boys final and again Millfields had a 1-2 with Jimme taking the win from Nikolas.
year 5 boys final

All this leaves the league looking like this with to rounds to go -
League standings after round 7.