Thursday, 17 March 2016

Exciting races at round six of the league - MTB /cross races.

Action from the year 4 girls race
Last Friday 11th march was round six of this years league and 100 riders turned out to represent their schools in the MTB/ cross races for years 4 and 5. With the league being really close at the top and in the middle there was plenty points to play for and unlike this event in past years the sun came out to play too.
Riders briefing before racing commences

First to race were the year 4 girls tackling the twisting hilly course over three laps. The grass hadn't been cut in a while so the girls probably had the toughest time of it flattening down the grass for the later races.
year 4 girls start
Quickly a pair of Millfields girls opened up a lead on the rest of the 22 racers looking to stretch their school's lead at the top of the table.

more of the year 4 girls race
 the y held on with Ashleigh taking the win followed by Taejah then Johoti in third for Kingsmead.
Year 4 girls leaders

year 4 girls results

The year 4 boys line up
 Next up to race were the year 4 boys. 23 starters raced off over three laps. With Milo from Jubilee taking a  commanding lead from the start.
and they're off...

year 4 boys

year 4 boys

year 4 boys

year 4 boys
Milo won followed by Solomon from Millfields then Andre for Jubilee.

Year 4 boys results

Year 5 girls line up
 The next race was the year 5 girls. This time the 25 girls went for four laps. This race was very exciting with the top five being very close to one another for the first couple of laps.
year 5 girls race start
 Anna from Jubilee was leading from the start and began to take a longer lead over her team mate Maia.
year 5 girls
 However Maia dug deep and reeled Anna in over the last lap and just pipped her in a sprint for the line - a well timed effort. Heidi from graze brook took third place.
year 5 girls

year 5 girls

Year 5 girls results

year 5 boys leader
 Last up were the year 5 boys with the biggest race of the day attracting dirty riders we gave them five laps to prove their fitness and skills. As this sequence of photographs show getting round the first corner of the race in high position often means the rider will go on to win or place highly in the race.
Year 5 boys following

Year 5 boys following
 However the boy at the back of this picture who may have had a bad start used his strength to come up through the field to finish second.
Year 5 boys following

Year 5 boys following
Robin took the win for Millfields followed by Rueben for Jubilee and Elliot - Millfields.

Year 5 boys results

So what did all this mean for the league table? A change at the top again with Jubilee jumping back above Millfields with a ten point margin. Gayhurst are still third whilst the fight for fourth spot is hotting up Kingsmead going above Southwold as they both chase Parkwood. Tyssen scored the 4th most points on the day and I'm sure if they attended more of the races they would challenge the leading bunch. Thanks Roderick for the excellent photographs.
Can't wait now till May and the start of the grass track events....

League standings after round 6.