Sunday, 21 February 2016

Circuit Race 2 brings a change to the top of the table.

Year 4 girls getting ready to race.
The second set of Circuit race took place at the Lea Valley Velopark on friday 12th February just before half term. Although not as windy as the last time there was quite a chill in the air as this time the year 4 riders joined the years 5 & 6 in doing battle in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The year 4 girls on the start line before their two lap race.

This time as there were six races only two riders per year year and gender were representing their schools - hopefully making it harder for the top teams to get all the points - no one told the riders from Millfields that though as Ashleigh and Teejah took first and second place with Ruby getting third for Gayhurst.
Action from the year 4 girls race.

Action from the year 4 girls race.

Year 4 girls winner Ashleigh fro Millfields
Year 4 girls results.

Year 4 boys line up
Year 4 boys winner - Milton from Millfields
The year 4 boys were next up for their 2 mile race and once again Millfields took the top two spots with Milton coming first followed by Solomon then Josiah for Kingsmead. Gearing seemed to be a common problem with many riders spinning in their lowest gears along the straight. Some training sessions for the schools down at the circuit could set this right.
Year 4 boys results

Year 5 girls ready to start.
The year 5 girls were next to race competing for three laps this time. Millfields dominance was broken for once with Anna taking the win for Jubilee fooled home by Heidi from Grazebrook and Molly for Gayhurst.
Action as the year 5 girls race tackle the hill next to the velodrome.
Year 5 girls results.

Year 5 boys ready to race.
The year 5 boys were eager to go next and this saw a battle between the two leading schools for the podium places. Robin won it for Millfields closely followed by Ruben and Murray from Jubilee followed by Elliot from Millfields.
The year 5 leading boys on the hill.

Year 5 boys results.
The girls in year 6 were next up with 4 laps of the circuit.
Year 6 girls line up.
This race again went the way of Millfields with Anoushka and Martha taking the top two spots whilst lapping half the field followed by Esther in third for Jubilee.
Year 6 girls results.
 The final race of the day saw Millfields take the top two spots again to almost take a clean sweep of first places with Oliver coming first followed by Conrad and Robbie from Gayhurst third. Would all this mean a change at the top of the league?
Year 6 boys winner -  Oliver  from Millfields.

Year 6 boys results.
 Millfields won the event and have moved four points above Jubilee to top the table for the second time this season. It looks like it will be very tight between these two over the four remaining events.
Gayhurst are a way back in third but some way in front of a close battle for fourth between Parkwood  Southwold and Kingsmead. can't wait till the next one....

The league table as it now stands.