Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Cyclocross action from round 2.

Year 6 girls race at Hackney Downs
A sunny but chilly Friday afternoon at Hackney Downs with little wind and the ground firm under the wheel - it was perfect conditions for cyclocross racing. Ninety five riders from nine schools attended with a team from Mandeville taking part for the first time.

Year 6 girls being coached
Before the races got under way the riders were split into their year and gender groupings to take part in some Go-Ride cyclocross coaching. This was aimed at helping them get the most out of their race. 
Year 6 boys being coached

Year 5 girls being led round the course by Harry for a sighting lap - just about to reach the hurdle.
Following the coaching it was time for the year 5 girls to ride then course then get gridded up for the start of their race.
Riders on the start grid.
The race stayed together for the first lap but the introduction of the hurdle in the second lap began to spread the riders out with the a trio from Jubilee and Kingsmead taking up the running with a couple of Gayhurst  riders in the mix too.

Year 5  girls start.

Year 5 girls dismount for the hurdle
Pretty soon Ishanna from Jubilee had a clear lead that she stretched out to take the win. her team mate Lena came second in a close tussle with Sophie from Kingsmead and her team mate Lolo.
More hurdle action from the year 5 girls race
Year 5 Girls results

 Next up were the year 5 boys for their 4 lap race. Even without the hurdle on the first lap a lead group was quickly establishing itself with Millfields, Gayhurst, Southwold and Kingsmead all present.
Year 5 boys sighting lap
Year 5 boys race
year 5 boys on the hill
Inside pedal up

Looking round a corner

Riders turning towards the hurdle
The hurdle

Year five boys leaders
 Eventually the pairing from Millfields of Jimme and Nikolas got away and either of them could have won it - Jimme just edged out Nikolas on the last bend to take the win. Arlo from Gayhurst finished third ahead of Hector from Southwold.
Sunny Hackney Downs
Year 5 boys climb the hill
Year 5 boys winner
Year 5 boys results
Next to race were the year 6 girls and once again Millfields were to the fore along with Jubilee, Shacklewell and Gayhurst. Experience will show soon enough and Ashleigh from Millfields showed her form riding in the eastern Cyclocross league for CCHackney and built up a commanding lead.

year 6 girls race

year 6 girls race 
year 6 girls race

year 6 girls race
Ashleigh took the win comfortably  with Hannah of Jubilee and Taejah rounding off the podium spots.

The last race of the day was the year 6 boys race. The Millfields boys quickly gained a lead on the rest with Milton pulling away from Solomon and Kaspar to take the win

Add caption year 6 boys race 

Year 6 boys winner

Year 6 boys results
The league standings after two races now are as follows - 


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hill Climb starts off new season.

The new season of the Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League started with he traditional Hill Climb up the brutally steep but thankfully short hill at Springfield Park, Upper Clapton. Seventy five riders from seven schools attended looking to do battle with the hill.

The year 4 riders start off first with the majority being able to ride all the way without having to get off and run. Poppy from Jubilee took the win at 42.87 seconds for the girls, whilst korell from thomas Fairchild was fastest boy at 34.27 seconds.

Year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys results.

Year 5 boys results. 

Louis from Millfields was fastest yer 5 boy up the hill at 28.81 seconds with Lens from Jubilee being the quickest year 5 girl at 36.09 seconds.

Year 5 girls results.

The year 6 girls winner was Laila Grace in storming 28.26 seconds setting a new course record for the girls in the Young Hackney Primary Schools League.
Year 6 girls results.

The fastest time of the day was by Milton from Millfields - his time of 24.84 seconds being only  5 tenths of a second slower than the course record for the Primary Schools league set back in 2010. Milton had the fastest time last year as a year 5  so we thought he may well set a new record - maybe the wind held him back tiny bit.
Year 6 boys results

League standings after round 1.