Monday, 12 December 2016

Roll on 2017


Renas from Parkwood in action

Riders from Millfields, Thomas Fairchild, Shacklewell and Kingsmead schools ready to start racing.

Round three of this year's league broke the records with our largest ever number of riders participating in last Friday's roller racing event at the Forest Centre in Dalston. One hundred and twenty racers from ten schools turned up in either the morning or afternoon sessions shaking the building to its foundations with their noisy support. Adding to the decibel levels we had a bicycle powered sound system going that riders used to warm up on - all of which means that if Santa turns up on Christmas Eve I won't be able to hear him.

The riders used fixed gear track bikes on the excellent Goldsprints system racing for the equivalent of two laps round the velodrome or 500 metres in old money. As expected over such a short distance the results were all very close to one another. The standout results were Anna from Jubilee - fastest girl of the day at 30.85 seconds and third fastest out of everyone - and Milton from Millfields the fastest boy of the day and only rider to drop under the 30 second barrier with a winning time of 28.59 seconds. Full results below.

year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys results
year 5 girls results
year 5 boys results

year 6 girls results

year 6 boys results
The Parkwood team
 The league standings now see Millfields increase their lead over Jubilee whilst Southwold, Kingsmead, Parkwood and Grazebrook all closed the gap to Gayhurst. There is an obvious strength in depth at the top two schools with the majority of their riders scoring points in all the categories. The onus is on the other schools to increase the competition for places in their teams. for ideas and help as to how to go about this contact us at Cycling Club Hackney. That said the league is about making cycling a fun and rewarding thing to do and judging by the faces on friday it looked like they were all having a great time.  As Paul one of the adults helping out wrote to me later - 
"Thanks again for putting on another great event on Friday, the kids all loved it, and the ones who hadn't done it before were very excited afterwards....the word intense came up quite a lot!"

League standings below.
League standings after round three

The Millfields team getting their race face on.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cyclocross Crazy

year 6 girls leaders

11/11/16 - Hackney Downs

The sun shone bright on Armistice day as 87 riders from nine schools made their way to Hackney Downs to take part in round two of this years Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League. Cyclocross was the dish of the day and the riders were crazy for it.

Twists and turns and a few up and downs alongside slippy leaves and the inclusion of a hurdle made for a demanding course - how would the riders tackle it?

Lovely day for a race

The first to race were the year 5 girls. ashleigh from Millfields led from start of the 5 lap race to end lapping all but five of her nearest competitors. Ruby from Gayhurst came from behind to beat Taejah from Millfields into 2nd place.

Grazebrook girls

Jubilee in their new kit

Gayhurst in their new kit.

Parkwood enjoying themselves

year 6 girls get ready to race.

Video of hurdle action.

Year 5 girls results
Year 5 girls podium - Ruby, Ashleigh and Taejah
Next up were the year 5 boys racing for 5 laps. Milo from Jubilee stormed away from the rest of the field leaving a close battle for the other podium places between the Millfields duo of Milton and Solomon alongside Che from Southwold. Che faded towards the end whilst a moment of high drama saw Milton slide out on the penultimate cornet allowing Milton in for 2nd place. great racing.

year 5 boys in action

Year 5 boys results
Year 5 boys podium Solomon, Milo and Milton.

 Next up were the year 6 girls racing for six laps. Anna and Maia from Jubilee and Molly from Gayhurst battled out the top spots with Anna steadily pulling in front for a great win.

year 6 girls results

Year 6 girls podium Maia, Anna and Molly.
The last race of the day was the year 6 boys - this race was close at the sharp end withe lead changing hands three or four times. again Jubilee and Millfields were battling it out for the win - this time the honours went to Jubilee with Rueben and Murray coming first and second with Robin from Millfields coming third despite getting caught up in a crash.

Year 6 boys at the hurdle.

year 6 boys results

Year 6 boys podium Murray, Rueben and Robin.

Jubilee emerged as the overall winners point wise so here's how the league is shaping up after the first two events- 
league standings after round 2
lots to play for so bring on the Roller racing in December.

Springfield Hill Climb 2016 Film

Some footage shot by Roderick at this years Hill Climb.

Monday, 17 October 2016


Friday 14th October 2016 - Springfield Park

The new 2016-17 YHPSCL season started with a bang at the Springfield park Hill Climb. Just over one hundred riders from nine schools turned up in good conditions to test themselves against the infamous hill.
The racing started with the year 4 riders taking to the hill for the first time. Quite a few of them rode up the hill really well and will be ones to watch out for over the coming season and years.

Year 4 girls results
Lena from Jubilee topped the y4 girls finishing in under 40 seconds at 39.7 seconds - a great effort, and Arlo from Gayhurst topped the y4 boys at 36.36 - a storming ride from the young man who looked like he really wanted it.

Year4 boys results

The year five girls saw Grazebrook take two of the three top spots with Loelle coming 1st in 39.16 and Betty at 40.97 - sandwiched between the two was Ashleigh from Millfields on 39.77 seconds.

Year 5 girls results

The year 5 boys saw the top five riders dip below 40 seconds wit the run away winner Milton from Millfields getting below thirty in 27.16 seconds - would any of the year 6 riders beat this time? Last years winner Milo from Jubilee came 2nd with Che from Southwold finishing in third.

year 5 boys results

The year 6 girls was won by Anna from Jubilee in the fastest girls time of the day at 32.91 seconds, she was followed by her team mate Maia at 37.21 then Ruby from Millfields at 39.87.

year 6 girls results

The entire top ten of the year 6 boys finished under 40 seconds with the winner - Robin from Millfields dropping below 30 to finish in 28.04. harper from gayhurst pipped Ruben from Jubilee to second with just  7 /100ths of a second separating them.

Year 6 boys results

The fatest time of the day then went to year 5 Milton with his 27 second effort - only three second s off the course record - will he come back next year and beat it? All this means our early league leaders are Millfields followed by Jubilee. Full table below.

League standings after round 1.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

New Season kicks of tomorrow with the Hill Climb

*Note this  might not in fact be Springfield Park

The eighth year of the Young Hackney Primary School league will get underway tomorrow with the traditional opener - the Springfield Park Hill Climb. The short but intense effort sends out a signal to the riders that racing throughout the year will require strong cycling if they want to win the league for their team.Rising 22m over a little over 100m in length the hill gets steeper towards the top.
Will we finally see someone topple the league record set in 2010 of 24.3 seconds?
Racing starts at 1pm sharp.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

2015-16 League finale

 Another sunny day at Hackney Downs and the end of another season's go ride racing for the young riders of Hackney.  This year we had more schools taking part than before - 13 - more riders at every event than before - averaging over 90- and more juice than before - more on that to come.

The finale comprised of team track events the first set of races were team pursuits with two in each team racing two teams at a time against the clock.  The year 4 riders did 2 laps, year 5 three and year 6 four.
Harry giving it some juice.
 After each rider had raced they had the opportunity to go and  pedal a smoothie maker for some extra refreshment. The queues soon built up.

The second set of races were team sprints - again the teams had two riders each with the first rider pulling out the way after half alap and the 2nd riders time being recorded after 1 full lap.

The races were all hotly contested with the wins being shared between Gayhurst, Millfields, Jubilee and Parkwood. Southwold and Woodberry Downs both did very well too. Ultimately the day was all about Millfields as they won again and consolidated their grip on the league winning the trophy for the first time.
Jubilant Millfields squad.
Well done to all the competitors over the season for giving it a go - results and photos below.

The popular smoothie maker in action

Year 5 boys podium

Year 6 girls podium - Millfields 3rd, Jubilee 2nd, Parkwood 2nd.

year 5 results

year 6 boys podium - Parkwood 3rd, Millfields 1st, Gayhurst 2nd.

Year 6 results

Year 5 girls podium - Millfields 3rd, Jubilee 1st, Gayhurst 2nd.
Year 4 boys podium - gayhurst 3rd, Millfields 1st, Jubilee 2nd.

year 4 girls podium Parkwood 3rd, Millfields 1st, Gayhurst 2nd
year 4 results

top points winners across the 2016/17 season

Final league standings

The 2016-17 league winners _ Millfields Community School Cycling Team