Monday, 14 December 2015

Rocking out at the Roller Races

The very busy afternoon session at the Forest Centre note the leg speed of the riders.

Ninety seven riders from 9 schools rocked the foundations of the Forest centre on Friday 11th December with the noise and power they produced during an exciting day of roller racing. As well as having four riders race at a time anyone who still had the legs could ride on a turbo trainer that generated power to play music through a sound system.

Kingsmead and Gayhurst got there early but still made plenty of noise.
 The riders had to race for 500m or the equivalent of two laps of the Velodrome on fixed wheel track bikes provided by CCHackney. The times were very quick averaging around 35-40 seconds.

Riders get ready ...

.. 3 2 1 ..


The bike providing the sound system in the background.

The coloured dials telling the riders which position they are in
 - the red bike is about to win this race,

The year 5 girls results - a win for Anna and Jubilee, with 2nd and 3rd going to Thomas Fairchild.

Another win for Jubilee with Rueben in the year 5 boys.
Times and certificates.

A trio of wins for Jubilee with Esther taking the honours in the year six girls.

Fastest time of the day set by Conrad for Millfields in the year 6 boys.

The league standings after round three show Jubilee strengthen their lead over Millfields and gayhurst whilst Southwold jumped up a few places into fourth after a strong showing and relative newcomers Thomas Fairchild climbed up the rankings too.

A rider getting ready to start.

Great racing by all and we look forward to seeing you out at the Olympic Park in the new year for round four.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hackney Downs MTB Cross race results and report

Year 5 boys race about to start
 The day started in sunshine then Storm Abigail blew in just as racing was about to start - 110 riders plus supporters all dashed for cover as the organisers stood in the rain keeping an eye on the bikes. To be fair we had already had a drenching setting up the course so a top up made no difference. the sun came back out followed by the riders enquiring if the races were off. No way - conditions were perfect for a MTB/ cyclocross race and we all couldn't wait to get started.

Parkwood pin their numbers on

Parkwood team after the rain

The year 5 boys grinding up

The year 5 girls raced first and showed the spectators that the course was now pretty slippy and the importance of getting round the first corner in leading position. The top ten places were closely contested between the riders from Jubilee, Gayhurst, Tyssen and Grazebrook but Anna Ventris from Jubilee had gotten to that all important first corner in the lead and never gave it up - a worthy winner.

Next up were the year 5 boys. The starting grid with 35 riders massed on it looked worthy of the upcoming Regional Championships - I wonder if they'll have the same amount of starters for an under 10 race? By now the course has started to cut up and a coming together saw a lot of riders hit the dirt on the 1st corner and many other turns on the course. A leading duo of Anthony Sulal -Kingsmead and Rueben Mooney - Jubilee began to eke a lead out swapping positions with one another. Meanwhile Robin Steer - Millfields had started to claw his way back up through the field following the crash at the start. In the end Rueben took the win closely followed by Anthony then Robin headed in the rest.
Where did they go?
The crowd cheering on a rider
Next up were the year 6 girls - a slightly smaller field produced some pretty close racing but the winner - Anoushka Minale raced away from the rest right from the off and never looked like being caught. Alba Gibbs - Gayhurst took 2nd in battle with Esther Ramsay - Jubilee.
Anoushka negotiates the final turns
The last race of the day had a large field of 31 year six boys with the riders from Millfields respondent in their new kit battling it out with Gayhurst . First lap through and Oliver Hunt - Millfields had a narrow lead over Kamil Suleyman - Gayhurst , with Jeffery Marrot - Southwold bringing up the rest. Another pile up near the start had seen some pre race favourites drop down the order but Conrad Couzins - Millfields and Robbie de Monchaux-Irons - Gayhurst started clawing their way back into contention. Oliver had stretched his lead over Jeffrey to take 1st place and 2nd with Robbie's late charge giving him 3rd - sadly Conrad came down again but battled on for a top ten finish.
The smiling riders undeterred by rain and mud
There were great efforts by all the riders and welcome to Saint Scholasticas who came and took part for the first time. The full results are below followed by the league standings.
Year 5 girls podium l-r Molly 3rd, Anna 1st, Heide -2nd

Year 5 boys podium - l-r Robin 3rd(not pictured), Rueben 1st, Anthony 2nd

Year 6 girls podium l-r Anoushka 1st, Alba 2nd, Esther 3rd

Year 6 boys podium - Oliver 1st, Robbie 3rd, Jeffrey not pictured - 2nd.

Year 5 girls results

Year 5 boys results

Year 6 girls results

Year 6 boys results

The league standings after two events.
As you can see its very tight at the top between last years winners and runners up Jubilee and Millfields but I'm pretty sure more of the other schools will improve and start taking points off the top two whilst Gayhurst seem to be getting their mojo back too. There's plenty points yet so anything could happen after round three at the Forest centre.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Springfield Hill Climb 2015 Results

Riders lining up waiting for their turn up the hill.

The new season for the Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League started on a glorious October afternoon within the beautiful autumnal setting of Springfield Park. The sun shone down on the 92 riders from nine different schools who had come to battle their way up the Springfield Hill Climb.

The dreaded start line.
Off to a flying start

A rider concentrating on her gears.

One at a time the riders tackled the hill with the year four riders going first. With such a steep hill gear selection is vital - at the bottom it is not too steep but as it curves its way up it becomes steeper and steeper before levelling off again at the summit. So selecting a good gear to start in is vital as this enables the riders to get up a bit of speed before hitting the steeper section - somewhere in the middle of their gears say 3 or 4.

Year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys results
Many riders had to jump off and run the last section.
Even with the great gears available now on bicycles some riders still found the steepest sections too much and that it was quicker for them to jump off and run with the bike to the finish. In fact some riders ran a long way up the hill gaining pretty fast times!

Year 5 boys results

Year 5 girls results

Closing in on the finish - hands on the hoods.

Out of the saddle riding - hands on the drops.
A variety of riding styles were on display as riders tried out different ways to get to the top the quickest. There was some good technique on display - see the photos here. ask your coaches how these may have made a difference.

In the saddle riding
Shifting the bike side to side to increase power in the pedal strokes.

year 6 girls results

Year 6 boys results

Aerodynamic position

Eye on the finishing line
Looking ahead past the finish line

The medal winners

The League standings after round 1 - 

1 Millfields 65
2 Jubilee 57
3 Parkwood 44
4 Kingsmead 38
5 Southwold 33
6 Thomas Fairchild 32
6 Gayhurst 32
8 Grazebrook 12
9 Tyssen 9
10 Shacklewell 8

Well done to all the riders and helpers for making it another great event - see you at the next one.