Thursday, 15 October 2015

Springfield Hill Climb 2015 Results

Riders lining up waiting for their turn up the hill.

The new season for the Young Hackney Primary Schools Cycling League started on a glorious October afternoon within the beautiful autumnal setting of Springfield Park. The sun shone down on the 92 riders from nine different schools who had come to battle their way up the Springfield Hill Climb.

The dreaded start line.
Off to a flying start

A rider concentrating on her gears.

One at a time the riders tackled the hill with the year four riders going first. With such a steep hill gear selection is vital - at the bottom it is not too steep but as it curves its way up it becomes steeper and steeper before levelling off again at the summit. So selecting a good gear to start in is vital as this enables the riders to get up a bit of speed before hitting the steeper section - somewhere in the middle of their gears say 3 or 4.

Year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys results
Many riders had to jump off and run the last section.
Even with the great gears available now on bicycles some riders still found the steepest sections too much and that it was quicker for them to jump off and run with the bike to the finish. In fact some riders ran a long way up the hill gaining pretty fast times!

Year 5 boys results

Year 5 girls results

Closing in on the finish - hands on the hoods.

Out of the saddle riding - hands on the drops.
A variety of riding styles were on display as riders tried out different ways to get to the top the quickest. There was some good technique on display - see the photos here. ask your coaches how these may have made a difference.

In the saddle riding
Shifting the bike side to side to increase power in the pedal strokes.

year 6 girls results

Year 6 boys results

Aerodynamic position

Eye on the finishing line
Looking ahead past the finish line

The medal winners

The League standings after round 1 - 

1 Millfields 65
2 Jubilee 57
3 Parkwood 44
4 Kingsmead 38
5 Southwold 33
6 Thomas Fairchild 32
6 Gayhurst 32
8 Grazebrook 12
9 Tyssen 9
10 Shacklewell 8

Well done to all the riders and helpers for making it another great event - see you at the next one.

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