Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Grass Track 2 Thursday 11th June, Shoreditch Park - Results

Anyone know a good photographer?

Grass Track 2 saw the YHPSCL switch to the opposite side of Hackney from the previous race to Shoreditch Park and amazingly enough - glorious sunshine. 45 riders from five schools turned up to race including a local team from Thomas Fairchild for the first time.

Action from Shoreditch park Grass track

The Grass Track races are run as an Omnium - this means riders take part in a number of races - in this case three each - and score points for where they finish in each race. The first rider scores 1 point, 2nd place 2 points and so on. After all the races the the rider with the lowest points is the winner of the Omnium and scores 10 league points in the usual manner and so on down to 10th place.

Another action shot from Shoreditch Park
As it was such a lovely day the CCH track bikes were used. Track bikes have a fixed wheel and no brakes so they take a little while to get used to and a certain amount of bravery on behalf of the rider. Considering the majority of riders hadn't ridden a track bike before they all coped very well and had some pretty close racing.
The first set of races were the Scratch Race - where all riders in each category set off together for a straight forward three lap race of the 250m oval. First up were the year 5 girls with Kezia Coterell, taking the win for  Gayhurst closely followed by Anoushka Minale, Millfields and Ester Ramsay- Jubilee. Next came the year 5 boys with Joe Pearman coming 2nd for Gayhurst sandwiched between Millfields' twins Conrad and Rueben Couzins.
The year six girls race was won by Leda Millar, Gayhurst from Ruby Andrews, Millfields and Eliza Eaton from Gayhurst 3rd. The year 6 boys race saw CCH regulasrs Tom Bardill, Mack Mooney take first and 2nd with Chico leungPaton 3rd for Millfields. 

Riders try to find some shade whilst the racing goes on.
The second set of races were Keirin races - in these the riders set off behind a motorbike usually - in our case CCH coach Mike on his bicycle - which takes them gradually up to speed before peeling off then the riders sprint for the line. Its a fast action packed event originally from Japan where it is something like Greyhound racing. The year five girls saw Ester take the win this time from Anoushka then Kezia. The year six girls was won again by Leda, with Eliza taking 2nd and Abdala from Thomas Fairchild getting third. year five boys saw the same three riders finish in the same order and  the year 6 boys saw Tom beat Mack again followed by Stanley Boyd in third.

More from Shoreditch park.
The last group of races were Win Outs - in these the first rider over the line each lap comes out - so the winner does 1 lap 2nd 2laps and so on. The year 5 girls saw the same three finish in the same order. Year six girls Ruby came back to claim 2nd behind Leda from Eliza. Year five boys saw Joe take the win from Conrad then Rueben. The year six boys was once again the CCH trio of Tom, Mack and Stanley. Full results below.
year 5 girls results

year 6 girls results
  Great racing by all and especially by newcomers Thomas Fairchild in their first event.
year 5 boys results
 Gayhurst took the top spot followed by Millfielda then Jubilee.
year 5 boys results
 The league table is now very close with three teams vying for top spot with one event to go and everything to play for. See you all at Hackney Downs on 9th July.
School totals with one event to go.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Grass Track 1 - Thursday 14th May at Maybley Green

The first Grass track omnium of the season looked in danger of being called off due to the rain but some how the worst of it missed Maybley Green down in Hackney Wick so the racing went ahead on the riders normal bikes instead of track bikes.
56 riders from five schools braved the elements and managed to get in two races each before the rain really started coming down hard. I don't think anyone could photos so here are the results -
Girls year 4

Girls year 5

Boys year 4

Boys year 5

Schools points totals