Tuesday, 12 July 2016

2015-16 League finale

 Another sunny day at Hackney Downs and the end of another season's go ride racing for the young riders of Hackney.  This year we had more schools taking part than before - 13 - more riders at every event than before - averaging over 90- and more juice than before - more on that to come.

The finale comprised of team track events the first set of races were team pursuits with two in each team racing two teams at a time against the clock.  The year 4 riders did 2 laps, year 5 three and year 6 four.
Harry giving it some juice.
 After each rider had raced they had the opportunity to go and  pedal a smoothie maker for some extra refreshment. The queues soon built up.

The second set of races were team sprints - again the teams had two riders each with the first rider pulling out the way after half alap and the 2nd riders time being recorded after 1 full lap.

The races were all hotly contested with the wins being shared between Gayhurst, Millfields, Jubilee and Parkwood. Southwold and Woodberry Downs both did very well too. Ultimately the day was all about Millfields as they won again and consolidated their grip on the league winning the trophy for the first time.
Jubilant Millfields squad.
Well done to all the competitors over the season for giving it a go - results and photos below.

The popular smoothie maker in action

Year 5 boys podium

Year 6 girls podium - Millfields 3rd, Jubilee 2nd, Parkwood 2nd.

year 5 results

year 6 boys podium - Parkwood 3rd, Millfields 1st, Gayhurst 2nd.

Year 6 results

Year 5 girls podium - Millfields 3rd, Jubilee 1st, Gayhurst 2nd.
Year 4 boys podium - gayhurst 3rd, Millfields 1st, Jubilee 2nd.

year 4 girls podium Parkwood 3rd, Millfields 1st, Gayhurst 2nd
year 4 results

top points winners across the 2016/17 season

Final league standings

The 2016-17 league winners _ Millfields Community School Cycling Team