Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Circuit Race 2 results from the Velopark

Year 5 girls racing at the Velopark.

Mid january normally sees the League indoors or rained/snowed off - so it was a great relief that the second outing to the Lea Valley Velopark circuit saw us all bathed in winter sunshine. Sixty five riders from seven schools took part in four races with impressive sized fields in the year 5 girls and boys races. Of course it wouldn't be circuit racing without a headwind and unfortunately for the riders it reared its head on the longest straight towards the finish line. 

First up were the year 5 girls which was closely fought out between Anoushka, Kezia and Esther from Millfields Gayhurst and Jubilee respectively.

Year 5 girls results

Year 5 boys race.
The year 5 boys race had 24 riders with CCH regulars Robbie - Gayhurst and Conrad - Millfields , stretching away at the front. robbie looked to have won until a back marker weaved in front of him on the finishing sprint allowing Conrad to nip in and claim  the win. 
Year 5 boys results

The head of the year 5 boys race.
The year 6 girls had the smallest field with only 5 riders with leila from Kingsmead taking a clear win.
Year 6 girls results

The year 6 boys enter their 2nd lap.

the year six boys followed with Tom and Stanley from Gayhurst trying to stretch Mack from Jubilee. This strong trio distanced the the other 13 riders however the Gayhurst's boys tactics failed to work and mack outpowered them to gain the win.
Year 6 boys results
This all means the league positions are pretty close with Gayhurst leading with a mere 16 points from kingsmead and Jubilee who are tied together in 2nd place with Millfields bringing up a strong fourth. things are shaping up nicely for the next race again at the velopark this time it'll be the year 4's aand 5s turn to shine. 

School league standings