Monday, 14 December 2015

Rocking out at the Roller Races

The very busy afternoon session at the Forest Centre note the leg speed of the riders.

Ninety seven riders from 9 schools rocked the foundations of the Forest centre on Friday 11th December with the noise and power they produced during an exciting day of roller racing. As well as having four riders race at a time anyone who still had the legs could ride on a turbo trainer that generated power to play music through a sound system.

Kingsmead and Gayhurst got there early but still made plenty of noise.
 The riders had to race for 500m or the equivalent of two laps of the Velodrome on fixed wheel track bikes provided by CCHackney. The times were very quick averaging around 35-40 seconds.

Riders get ready ...

.. 3 2 1 ..


The bike providing the sound system in the background.

The coloured dials telling the riders which position they are in
 - the red bike is about to win this race,

The year 5 girls results - a win for Anna and Jubilee, with 2nd and 3rd going to Thomas Fairchild.

Another win for Jubilee with Rueben in the year 5 boys.
Times and certificates.

A trio of wins for Jubilee with Esther taking the honours in the year six girls.

Fastest time of the day set by Conrad for Millfields in the year 6 boys.

The league standings after round three show Jubilee strengthen their lead over Millfields and gayhurst whilst Southwold jumped up a few places into fourth after a strong showing and relative newcomers Thomas Fairchild climbed up the rankings too.

A rider getting ready to start.

Great racing by all and we look forward to seeing you out at the Olympic Park in the new year for round four.

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