Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Sprint Fest on Hackney Downs

Riders briefing
Friday 10th June 2016 -
Round 8 of the YHPSCL and once again the sun was shining down on Hackney Downs. One Hundred riders representing ten schools turned up to take part in a sprint fest' grass track. A rider from each school would take part in one of three preliminary heats for each age group and gender. Following that riders who placed 8-10th would take part in the Minor-Minor Finals, then the riders who placed 4-7th would compete in the Minor-Finals and finally those who placed 1st -3rd in the heats competed in the finals. The heats were  three laps long with the first neutralised behind a human derny. 

Year 5 girls heat

 The heats proved very competitive which could mean only one thing everyone wanted to get in their final.
Girls heat finish
 With league standings being very tight only  place in the final guaranteed points as only the winners of the minor-finals and minor minor -finals scoring points.

Year 5 boys heat
 Some big hitters from previous rounds of this years league missed out - coming fourth in their heat.

Year 6 girls heat
And some of th usual suspects made it through no problem.

Logan - the hard working human derny leads round another heat of year 6 boys

year 6 boys heat 1

year 5 girls eager to start
 Meg McGrandle of Millfields won the year 5 girls minor minor final and Dexter Cleary from Gayhurst won the boys year 5 minor minor final.

Action from one of the finals
 Lily Farrow from Shacklewell won the year 6 girls minor minor final while Yakub from Thomas Fairchilds won the boys year 6  event.

kingsmead finisher
  Ruby Isles of Millfields won the year 5 girls  minor final and Laurie McPhilips - Southwold won the boys year 5 minor  final.
winner of the year 5 girls
  Solihat Adekoya from Southwold won the year 6 girls minor minor final while George Metson from Jubilee won the boys year 6  event.
A big winning margin
Anna Ventris from Jubilee won the year 5 girls final and Robin Steer of  Millfields won the boys year 5 final.
Year 5 boys final

Year 5 girls results
action from the year 5 boys final
Year 5 boys results

Anoushka Minale of Millfields won the year 6 girls  final and Conrad Cousins also of Millfields won the boys year 6 final.

year 6 girls final

Year 6 girls results
year 6 boys final
year 6 boys results

With Millfields being in the ascendency how would this affect the league standings?

year 6 boys final line up
League standings after round 8.
It now looks like only a no show would deprive Millfields of their first league title - but I'm sure Jubilee won't give it up without a fight. Gayhurst look secure in third whilst the battle  for fourth place is very tight between Southwold and Parkwood on 145 points each and Kingsmead on 140.
Welcome too to newcomers Woodbery Down. See you all on the 8th of July for this seasons finale.

Photos - Roderick Ryan and others.

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