Monday, 27 February 2017

Lea Valley Velopark Circuit race 2

They breed them tough at Jubilee - bear arms on such a cold day!
The second of this years two circuit race events took place on a chilly Friday just before half term. This time round we gave the year 4 and 5 riders coaching sessions for the first hour focussing on cornering, ascending and descending and using their gears. This proved successful as it means more time on the bikes for the riders and they are improving their technique. For instance there were less riders pushing their bikes up the hill due to poor gear choice than previously. We will continue this model into the remaining events this season.

Training practise before the races - focusing here on cornering technique
 - inside pedal up looking where they are going, accelerating out of the corner.

Training practise before the races - focusing again on cornering technique.
The year 4 girls raced first for three laps with Lena and Ishanna getting a 1-2 for Jubilee followed by Uma from Millfields.
Girls year 4 race 

Boys year 4 race
The year 4 boys also raced for three laps with a clean sweep of the medals for Millfields by Louis 1st Nicholas 2nd and Jimme 3rd.

Racing past the velodrome
The year 5 girls followed next with Ashleigh and Laila from Millfields getting away from the rest Mabel from Jubilee came third.
The winner of the year 4 boys

The year 5 boys went Jubilee's way with Milo getting 1st and Milo 3rd split by kaspar from Millfields in 2nd. With all the top spots going the way of these two schools they have stretched out their lead in the overall competition - all results below.
Well wrapped up year 5 boys in action.

Year 4 girls podium
Year 4 girls results

Year 4 boys podium

Year 4 boys results

Year 5 girls results

Year 5 girls podium

Year 5 boys podium

Year 5 boys results

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